Sustainable Materials Consulting

Simply Sustainable is committed to helping Clients select the most sustainable and healthy Products available in the market. This is particularly critical if the Client seeks Project certification under one of the recognized Green Building rating systems such as LEED, WELL, or Living Building Challenge. Most of our Products comply with the Living Building Challenge "Red List" requirements. Others carry well-recognized third party sustainability certifications such as those issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Greenguard, Scientific Certification Institute and Cradle to Cradle, among others. For Clients with allergies, chemical sensitivities, and other health concerns, we can guide the Product selection and installation process, in conjunction with the Client’s Architect, Contractor, and medical advisors.

Green product consulting

Interior Design Consulting

Simply Sustainable, working in collaboration with other members of the Green Building Center, can provide project layouts, color selection, lighting design, furnishing and finishes selection and related services in conjunction with Product specifications.

Project Management

New construction and renovation projects are among the most complicated, expensive and stressful activities undertaken by individuals and companies. Realizing the Client's vision from concept to completed construction is time consuming, frustrating and replete with unanticipated challenges. In addition to providing the basic building products, Simply Sustainable can provide full scope project management services including assisting in the identification, selection and management of project-appropriate design professionals and contractors, with the overall goals of health and sustainability always at the forefront.

Project management consulting

Procurement Support

Simply Sustainable has relationships with suppliers of many sustainable construction materials, including those that are not featured in its showroom. We can help contractors source and procure hard-to-find sustainable materials for all types of projects.