Zandur Flooring

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Zandur, an innovator in cork rubber, specializes in environmentally friendly and healthy flooring for commercial applications. The company has an established commitment to sustainable and attractive cork flooring products that are Red List Free; meet indoor air quality standards; are low maintenance; have a minimum 15-year life cycle ; and contain a significant portion of recycled and/or natural content.

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Teknoflor provides highly sustainable, low maintenance resilient flooring for commercial applications that comes in both sheets and planks. Their products provide an alternative to luxury vinyl tile that addresses indoor air quality issues associated with flooring. The company practices rigorous transparency regarding its products including material ingredients; their environmental profile; and material sourcing. Its "Naturescapes" product, based on organically derived polyurethane made from castor oil, has received the Living Product Challenge "Petal" Certification, one of the industry's most rigorous.

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Hemp Wood

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This vendor provides flooring made from durable, rapidly renewable hemp fiber which provides a sustainable alternative to standard laminate flooring or environmentally problematic luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The hemp plant grows quickly; sequesters carbon; and requires no fertilizer and little water. Hemp fibers, sourced from within 100 miles of the manufacturing facility, are combined with a resinous base that is used to create a variety of products including tongue - in-groove engineered flooring. Hemp Wood Flooring was one of the "Top 10 Products for 2023" in the list compiled by BuildingGreen.

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Marmoleum, a product of Forbo Flooring Systems, is a healthy, durable and cost-effective alternative to Linoleum and other types of flooring. Marmoleum, which is available in the form of sheets, planks, and tiles, comes in more than 300 colors and designs.

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Nydree Flooring

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Nydree provides U.S -made engineered hardwood flooring that is particularly suitable for high traffic areas. Nydree’s engineered floors are real wood floors created by combining 7 layers of marine-grade wood veneer, the top layer of which has been infused with acrylic through a patented manufacturing process. Because of the acrylic component, Nydree floors are up to 300 times more durable than traditional wood floors.

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PID Flooring

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PID offers a number of Collections of natural wood flooring in a variety of styles and price points. For example: the “Liberty” Collection features American oak manufactured domestically; “Finelock” provides cost effective oak and ash flooring from European forests; and “Inlove” includes customized flooring designs created in Brooklyn.

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Dekton is an extremely durable material that is highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat, abrasion, water and impact. It can be used for both flooring and countertops.

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Real Antique Wood

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Real Antique Wood, which is based in Irvington, New Jersey, dismantles century-old barns located across the US, and rescues their wood for repurposing. This reclaimed wood is processed in their facility and milled for a variety of new uses including flooring, siding, beams and furniture.

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Globus Cork

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Globus Cork , the only manufacturer of 100% cork tiles in the United States, produces tiles in a myriad of shapes and sizes; 40 vivid colors and 3 textures. Cork flooring, which is made by Globus in the Brooklyn Navy Yard from the waste of the wine cork manufacturing process, is highly sustainable and can be used to create colorful stylish designs comparable to any that can be with ceramic tile.

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Sustainable Flooring

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Sustainable Flooring combines extreme durability with sustainable manufacturing and sourcing to create superior flooring products. Its “StrandWoven” Collection uses poplar wood veneer strands sourced from the furniture manufacturing process and compresses them in a low-VOC adhesive to create densified and distinctively beautiful flooring products. “Comcork”, which is made from densified composite cork and a recycled component substrate, is naturally waterproof, and thus suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Tesoro Woods

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Tesoro Woods offers a wide selection of wood and bamboo flooring, both natural and engineered, that is particularly suitable for families with children and pets. Its popular “Longevity” Collection features wood veneer bonded to a HDF core that does not react to changes in temperature; handles surface moisture readily; and is extremely durable.

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