Decorative & Acoustical Wall Panels


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Handmade and natural materials sourced sustainably from around the world are combined with a resin to create beautiful and useful translucent materials. Available in more than 250 colors and patterns, 3-Form products are suitable for use as partitions, wall and ceiling features, doors and shelving, among other applications.

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Chemetal products include decorative metal and laminate panels for both vertical and light-duty horizontal applications. Particularly geared for creative projects developed by design professionals, designs can be fabricated in-house by the company using deep brushing, aging and patinas added by hand and by machine. Chemetal products are not petroleum-based; may contain up to 85% recycled metal materials and can contribute to LEED Certification points.

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Baux Acoustic Wood Wool

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Using a combination of wood fiber, cement and water, Baux , a Swedish company, creates a decorative acoustic product with a number of highly desirable features. In addition to being fire-proof and low in emissions, Baux wood wool is moisture and heat regulating, as well as sound absorbent. The material comes in a variety of colors.

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Plyboo manufactures a wide array of decorative and acoustical wall and ceiling treatments in the United States. The panels feature geometric and natural shapes made from bamboo that can be used to create stunning accent walls and other design elements.

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Carpet Cycle

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Based in New Jersey, Carpet Cycle’s mission is to find uses for post-consumer carpeting and divert this valuable resource from landfills. The Company manufactures Quiet-Tech, a highly effective acoustic insulation material that is made of 85-90% recycled materials, including recycled cotton and PET fibers, in addition to used carpeting. It can be used to create attractive and effective acoustical panels.

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Sustainable Materials

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Sustainable Materials LLC is a recognized leader in the manufacture of interiors materials made from cork and recycled wood. Their wall offerings include cork bricks, blocks and strips in beautiful, saturated colors, as well as recycled wood panels for both decorative and acoustical purposes.

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Rigidized Metals

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This vendor produces engineered metal surfaces using a micro-texturing process that adds strength to the material and hides scratches. Rigidized metals, which endure wear and tear much longer and better than similar products, come in an array of alloys, finishes and color options. The material is suitable for use as countertops, fronts, trim and backsplashes.

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Homasote Wall Design

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Homasote, a manufacturer based in Trenton, New Jersey, creates fabric-wrapped wall panels that can reduce sound transmission from room to room. The panels can be attached directly to the studs to create a finished wall. They are made of up to 98% recycled content, and both the panel itself and the fabric covering have a Class A fire rating. The burlap textured fabric wrapping comes in light gray, beige and blue.

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