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Dekton is an extremely durable material that is highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat, abrasion, water and impact. It can be used for both flooring and countertops.

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Silestone is an environmentally friendly solid surface material composed of minerals, quartz and recycled materials. It is manufactured using the patented HybriQ technology that uses 99% recycled water and 100% electricity from renewable sources.

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Curava is a solid surface countertop material made from recycled glass chips in a resinous base. This product provides an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to granite and marble.

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Spectrumstone, also manufactured by Icestone, is a non-porous (no sealing required) countertop material that combines recycled glass and quartz fragments in a resin binder.

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Rigidized Metals

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This vendor produces engineered metal surfaces using a micro-texturing process that adds strength to the material and hides scratches. Rigidized metals, which endure wear and tear much longer and better than similar products, come in an array of alloys, finishes and color options. The material is suitable for use as countertops, fronts, trim and backsplashes.

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Icestone manufactures dramatic, colorful countertops in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Its products are made from fragments of recycled glass embedded in cement.

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Richlite is a beautiful and sustainable solid surface material made from hundreds of layers of compressed, resin-infused recycled paper that is both durable and easily fabricated on site. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and for custom furniture.

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Cambria is a 100% quartz, American-made countertop material that is extremely durable and low maintenance. It comes in 150+ colors and patterns that range from solids to dramatic marble-like patterns.

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A beautiful and truly environmentally friendly solid surface material that is made of 100% recycled glass from liquor bottles. Bio-Glass can contribute up to 15 points for a LEED project.

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Eco-Terr, which comes in both tiles and slabs, is made from recycled Portland cement, fly ash and recycled marble and granite chips. The resulting product, which has a terrazzo look, is both highly durable and environmentally friendly.

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Alkemi is a stylish, highly sustainable solid surface material, suitable for countertops and similar applications, that is made of scrap aluminum and copper shavings embedded in recycled acrylic.

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Suberra countertops and work surfaces are made from 99% recycled cork which has the same density as oak wood. The material has the look of butcherblock, although made from cork.

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