FORM Kitchens

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FORM features high-end, modern-style cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Although it does have a showroom in Brooklyn, the process by which a cabinet installation is designed and implemented is largely conducted on-line in a dialogue between the vendor and the client. FORM makes available a number of tools and features to support this virtual design interaction. Actual manufacturing of the cabinets is undertaken by a separate large manufacturer in Germany, which uses wood from sustainably managed forests.

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Marfa Cabinets

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Marfa Cabinets is a Chicago-based manufacturer of high-end kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities that meld modern and traditional styles. Its cabinetry is manufactured in the U.S., using raw materials imported from Italy and Spain, and state-of-the-art European equipment. In addition to quality, the company boasts of quick turnaround times for design and manufacture -- offering delivery in weeks instead of months.

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John Michael Metal Cabinetry

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This company offers American-made, custom-designed, stainless steel cabinetry.

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Boxi Cabinets

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Boxi, which is affiliated with Semihandmade, provides American-made, customized cabinetry that comes pre-assembled for customer installation.

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Semihandmade Cabinetry

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This cabinetmaker specializes in creating customized fronts and sides for sustainablymade IKEA boxes.

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