Wall Coverings & Window Treatments

Carnegie Fabrics/Carnegie Xorel

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Carnegie Fabrics is a certified B Corp which focuses on material transparency and third-party certifications (Cradle to Cradle and Declare) in connection with its wide array of upholstery, wall covering and acoustic products. Carnegie Xorel is a popular bio-based textile made from sugar cane that is suitable for upholstery, wall coverings and window treatments.

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Innovations Wallcoverings

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Innovations provides stylish and sustainable wallcoverings in a wide array of colors and patterns. Their offerings include coverings made from natural woven fibers, rapidly renewable fibers and recycled content including old newspapers that have been repurposed into stunning wallpaper.

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Hartmann & Forbes

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Hartmann & Forbes provides a wide selection of customized window treatments and wall coverings. Their products are distinguished by the incorporation of hand-woven, sustainable fibers that are rapidly renewable and grown around the world in well-managed ecosystems.

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MDC Interior Solutions

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MDC offers an extensive line of unique wall coverings made from natural plant materials, such as water hyacinth, and from both pre- and post- consumer recycled materials including newsprint. The company has a 50-year track record of commitment to sustainability in its manufacturing process and compliance with international environmental standards.

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