Construction Materials

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass

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Every year, millions of migrating birds die when they fly into the glass facades of buildings. To address this problem, Arnold, a German glass manufacturer with US-based distribution, has developed Ornilux Bird Protection Glass. This glass, contains a spider-web-like pattern in a UV-reflective coating that is visible to birds, but essentially invisible to the human eye. The birds see the pattern and avoid the building. This innovative technology is based on the concept of Biomimicry, which seeks solutions to human challenges by emulating natural patterns and strategies.

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QuietWalk & Insulayment

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Insulayment is a highly effective acoustic underlay for wood flooring (glue-down or nail down), floating tiles and ceramic tiles. Quietwalk, which is a companion product, provides similar protection for laminates and floating wood floors. They also offer additional protection by wicking away moisture that accumulates naturally on concrete subfloors. Both are manufactured by MP Global. These construction products are made in the U.S. by means of a patented process that re-purposes post-industrial, as pre and post-consumer waste into underlayment. The resulting products have no VOC's and do not off-gas.

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Enviroshake & Enviroslate

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Enviroshake is an engineered roofing material that serves as a highly effective and convincing substitute for natural cedar roofing. Its composite roofing tiles replicate taper-sawn cedar shakes. Enviroslate, a companion product, replicates the look of natural slate on a roof. Both products are made from sustainable materials; are not susceptible to Mold, mildew, rot or insect infestation; can withstand severe weather conditions and temperature fluctuations; and once installed, are maintenance-free.

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NRG Insulated Masonry Unit

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NRG provides a continuously insulated concrete block with zero thermal bridges that has been shown to have R-values of R-50 plus in certain climate zones. This product, which is cost effective, sustainable, low maintenance and fire safe, functions more efficiently than competing masonry block products. NRG Block was a 2022 Product Innovation Award winner in a competition hosted by Architectural Products Magazine.

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LiveRoof Green Roof System

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Green roofs provide benefits that go far beyond those associated with any other type of roofing including, among many others, reduced stormwater runoff; habitat restoration; noise reduction; energy savings; and the demonstrated improvement in the health and wellness of the building's occupants. The LiveRoof system is constructed from modules that arrive at the project site with full-grown plants in containers, so there is no need to wait for the plants to grow. The modules are prepared by licensed growers in the geographic area where the project is located, who have expertise in local plants and growing conditions. The end result is a meadow-like look with no grid lines.

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Certainteed, a major producer of building materials, provides a wide variety of interiors products including high-density fiberglass ceilings and wall panels; wood ceilings and walls; and acoustical ceilings. The company focuses on sustainability in its manufacturing processes, including the use of recycled materials, and transparency in its product information,. Notably, it also conducts rigorous Life Cycle Assessments that examine a product's environmental impact throughout each phase of its life cycle.

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Kalwall manufactures translucent building materials that can envelop an interior space in glare-free, museum quality daylight, while being weather resistant and maintaining insulation levels comparable to solid walls (R-20). Their products include wall systems, facades and skylights. Bringing daylight into interior spaces can improve the health of occupants and result in measurable energy savings.

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