Sorority House By pieter

In order to create a nicer dining room and more functional weekend kitchenette space for the girls living in the house (more than 50 of them), we removed the existing worn cabinetry and added a long bank of Executive Cabinetry to provide plenty of workspace, topped with Cambria Quartz for durability. A bar sink, induction cooktop, and other new appliances were added to give the girls greater flexibility with what kinds of food they can prepare for themselves. There is plenty of storage for all their favorite snacks. An existing buffet was painted to match the cabinets, and a new salad bar station brought in.

To increase flexibility in seating, we added a window bartop, and designed 8 new tables, with Cambria tops to match the counter and tiltable bases to make them easier for the girls to move around. When pushed together, they make one big dining table. All new lighting was installed, with a beautiful chandelier and sconces, and new 6’ LED fans, to increase airflow, as the house has no AC and tends to get hot. Shading systems were added to the floor-to-ceiling windows on both the east and west ends of the room. The final touch was new Sherwin Williams VOC-free paint throughout.